domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2017


From the view of total monergism, God's predecreed and eternal plan including all human beings and all variants of existence do not have a minimal or tiny link to the creature's will.

If that's so, it means that what we do and what we don't do, in visible terms, does not mean what it seems to mean.

That is, we are not what we seem to be, but we are what essentially we are in invisibile terms, completely beyond our comprehension.

So, when we look at someone we may be sure that we are not looking at what we are seeing, but at somebody visibly irrecognizable and, therefore, incomprehensible.

All things that determine the decisions from God are not visible, because it all happens spiritually in eternity, as we consider that God is Spirit and lives in eternity, and we, ourselves, also are Spirits living in eternity, although provisionally walking or sojourning on earth.

And in that spiritual eternity we have invisibly (for us all) performed freely (I mean: spiritual free-will) everything, whether it be good or evil.

Otherwise, we are sadly left...with englishman Charles Darwin riding a mule and "finding out the origin of species".

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